Sometimes I make documentaries, take pictures, and write about stories that for whatever reason won't leave me alone.

Through an entrĂ©e of life in Alaska, I'm compelled by the common denominators of society around the North Pacific Rim - environment, energy, food, adventure - and characters who are over-their-boots invested in them. 

I also occasionally help produce other peoples' projects, fix and host educational tours around Alaska, guide flyfishing expeditions here and in Kamchatka, Russia, and commercial fish for salmon near my home in Anchorage.

Truthfully, it's all a giant scam to meet wild people in pretty places but until the guys in suits and dark glasses come knocking, I'm going for it. 

If there is a thing you care about more than any other thing, and you want to tell the world about it, let's talk.

Ryan Peterson

photo: Travis Rummel